Project description - Classical Origins of Europe

Classical Origins of Europe
Birds of a feather flock together
Classical origins of Europe
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Project description

This project is aimed to achieve an improvement of English language and communicative skills by means of digital tools and contents that connect different European countries from the point of view of their classical origins and heritage. The association of different schools in Europe is the best way to reach our objectives. It could give us the opportunity to learn about other cultures which are closer to us than we have ever thought. Working with colleagues from other countries for a common purpose will expand our vision of the reality that unites us as European citizens, while English language and ICT become meanigful learning tools.

First, we want all participants to be aware of the common traits that we share as European countries. Then, we would like to innovate teaching methodologies by using digital tools. Finally, to enhance the use of English beyond the classroom. Becoming the whole project a way to see the learning process as a significant procedure. On the one hand, the results will be achieved through tangible products like posters, maps objects, sketches and others. Some of them will be digital and others handicraft. On the other hand, intangible results will be the improvement of students and teachers' knowledge on such distinct areas as ICT, English or Classical issues. And both, teachers and students will also increase their collaborative working skills.

Most of the activities proposed in the project are CLIL (Contents and Language Integrated Learning.) The contents include several topics: history, town planning, language, technology and traditions. All of them under the same goal which is to learn about our common classical origins. And most of the activities involve the use of new technologies so as to get a result. The activities in the project are designed to fulfill its academic objectives and to promote a collaborative workingstyle in which all students fit and will be able to contribute and benefit. The students will work individually, in pairs or in groups when activities are in their own school. However, they will have the possibility to work in mixed pairs or groups with mates from other countries in mobilities, Skype sessions or other kinds of connection.
Birds of a feather flock together.
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