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Classical Origins of Europe
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Classical origins of Europe
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Saturnalia knowledge

One month before going to Brno, students worked in four groups to describe the Roman Saturnalia using a table. Each group compared past Roman Saturnalia traditions with nowadays traditions in our countries. These were the groups and their main aspects:
  • Red colour:
    • Dates. Roman: from 17th to 25th of December. Currenty: two weeks in December.
    • Greetings. Roman: "Io Saturnalia". Currently: "Merry Christmas, Happy new year".
    • Greenery: Roman: houses decorated with plants & branches. Currently: Christmas tree, mistletoe branch.
    • Candles and lights: lights everywhere.
  • Blue colour:
    • Holiday. Roman: schools and courts closed, cancelling executions and wars. Currently: schools and working places closed, prisoners pardon, time of peace.
    • Eating. Roman: banquets, baked goods, sweets, fruits and nuts. Currently: time of drinking and overeating.
    • Gambling. Roman: playing dice games, amphitheatre and other public games. Currently: gambling, sportive events and spectacles.
    • Socialization time. Roman: family and friends. Currently: time to meet relatives and friends.
  • Yellow colour:
    • Charity. Roman: charity and generosity to the poor. Currently: time of peace, love and charity.
    • Singing. Roman: singing naked from house to house, playing instruments. Currently: singing from house to house, concerts.
    • Gifts. Roman: exchanging gifts (sigillaria), presents to children. Currently: exchanging gifts, St. Nicholas, Epiphany.
  • Green colour:
    • Inversion. Roman: inversion of social roles, direspectect from slaves to masters, masks-wearing. Currently: the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Carnival.
    • Mocking. Roman: election of the king of Saturnalia. Currently: Feast of the fools, Bishop for a day, the King of the Banquet.
    • Debauchery. Roman: madness, behavioral license, drinking, sexual indulgence. Currently: drinking, private and public parties.
Each one of the four groups completed and expanded the information of one set of the four topics. This information was used to prepare a short presentation of the information on the Roman tradition of Saturnalia during the day of the Skype session.
You can watch for more information of the Saturnalia traditions in this Youtube video.

Skype Session

Skype presentation was about Roman Saturnalia traditions. Each group had 3 minutes explanation when they could show and explain a set of images about their topics or they could act out some scene to explain the different traditions with a narrator or they could show some Roman objects that helped figure out each tradition.

Groups that presented were chosen randomly so each set of topics was presented only once. The rest of groups with the same topics from different countries asked some question or added information. However, at the end of the session if some group wished to present its performance, it was allowed to do it. All the activity was assessed by the Erasmus teachers.

These were the documents used to assess the students and add the information:

Festival Prezi Presentations
Students worked one digital presentation about a characteristic festival or celebration before the meeting in Brno. This was explained during the meeting in Brno.
The software used was Prezi online. Look here to understand what's Prezi:
Here you can read the initial instrucions.
And finally the Prezi presentation of each national team. We hope you like them:

Saturnalia Kahoots

During the week in Brno, students worked on the conclusions of Saturnalia table comparing the customs and traditions in different countries using Kahoot quizzes.
There were created 4 groups of different nationalities. Each group dealt with one of these set of topics:
      • Dates, greeting, greenery, candles and lights.
      • Holiday, eating, gambling and socializaiton.
      • Charity, singing and gifts.
      • Inversion, mocking and debauchery.
Every group prepared 10 Kahoot questions about their topic. When it was finished, all the groups played the game competing with the other 3 topic questions.
The best team win an Erasmus keychain as a prize.
These are 3 of the 4 Kahoot quizzes about Saturnalia. You can also play one of them! Good luck!
Here you have got some interesting websites to work with Kahoot online and more instructions about how we planned this activity:

Videos & Mannequin Challenges
As a result of the trips, students had to work with two video activities. The first one activity was a video explaining the Christmas markets in Brno. The second was one funny video doing a Mannequin Challenge related with one Saturnalia topic. The picture of the top is one recreation of the inversion roles in Saturnalia period.

Again students were mixed in teams with different nationalities.

Videos about Christmas markets in Brno:

Mannequin challenge:

Assessments has been useful for the teachers to check students work and to explain to students how to improve their final tasks. Here there are links to two of them:

      • Oral presentations: it has been used for the Festival Prezi explanations but it can be used when an oral presentations is taken place.
      • Skype session: this grid is more local but can be a starting point for an oral presentations using Skype.
Birds of a feather flock together.
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